Hello Beautiful Beaders!

It feels like an age since we last spoke but it really has been only two weeks. What a difference those 14 days have made to my new store, I can tell you!

The builders have been busy adding walls, ripping bits down, hammering, plastering, sanding, painting.....I haven't seen them beading yet, but there's still time. (Beading for Builders - perhaps a new workshop?? Lol)

They've even cut a great big hole in the wall from our brand new workshop room out to the main store, so that even if you're not taking part in a workshop you can still see the magic happen and be a part of the fun.

Not only that but our new kitchen area will have tea and coffee making facilities for you all, and I've discovered a lady who makes the most amazing cakes. Deliciousness!

Suffice to say it's all looking b-e-a-utiful and I can't wait for you all to see it at our Grand Opening on the 20th of May, where there will be famous faces to greet you all with goody bags and competitions galore!

Anyway as I'm sure you know the last blog of the month is always Techniques week, so without further ado let's get started with our next mini tutorial:-

Attaching a Box Closure

Box closures are used to attached to the end of cord, suede and leather.

Insert the cord into the box clasp.
Use your wide nose flat nose pliers to fold over 1 side of the cord,

You need to fold the opposite side on top so take care not to fold past the point you will need to fold it back. Squeeze with the pliers to secure, you can add a drop of glue in if it needs extra security.

Repeat on the opposite side and squeeze on top of both parts to secure.

Add a jump ring through the end of the box closure and attach a clasp to one side.

There you have it! Why not give that technique a try and then post your finished designs on our Facebook page or tell us what you made in the comments section below this blog. Remember we always love to hear about your hints and tips and any techniques you'd like to see featured - we've already got some great Christmas ideas from you that are planned in for later this year!

I'm back on Create and Craft TV this Monday, the 1st of May, at 11am so be sure to tune in and bead along with me. I'll say no more....you'll just have to wait and see what treats I've got for you this week!

Lastly, but definitely not least, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for the wonderful reaction we've had to the new store over the past couple of weeks. Your kind comments and continued support is what makes it all worthwhile.

I'll be back with the blog on the 9th of May with more exciting shop news and perhaps even a little celebrity gossip...until then...Happy Beading!


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