Hello Beautiful Beaders!

It's week two of our Macrame masterclass and I'm excited to show you the rest of this amazing technique. So without further ado...

9. Remove the lazy cord from the bottom of the board and add the beads on, reposition the lazy cord at the bottom and push the first bead up towards the knots.

10. Knot 1 in the same way round the bead, around 4 knots is sufficient but you can do this as many times as you like to vary the look, just remember if you do more in-between it will make the bracelet bigger!

11. Now slide another bead up to the knot and repeat to secure all the beads into the bracelet, continue to create the knots until you have 2" at the other side of your beads.

12. Secure the ends of your cord with hypo cement or a similar strong glue, try to glue all round the cord where it leaves the knot, once dry cut flush to the knot and add more glue to secure.

13. Take the bracelet off the board and overlap the 2 end pieces, secure into the board over the comer, cut a further piece of cord around 14", this depends how big you need the back section to be.

14. Place the cord underneath the 2 piece of cord and repeat the knotting until the back section is the desired length, remove from the board and secure the ends with glue, add the remaining 2 beads onto the 2 lazy cords (the bits that were secured down), this is the way you tighten your bracelet by pulling each of the cords open and closed, once the glue is dry trim all extra ends.

This bracelet is made using 1.5mm macrame knotting cord, it is available in lots of colours and also a thinner 0.6mm cord, if you are unable to fit beads onto the thick cord you can use a thinner cord for the lazy cord and the 1.5 for the working cord. Alternatively cut the lazy cord at a point and paint nail varnish on to stiffen the cord for ease of threading.

So that's it folks, pretty easy when you get the hang of it. If you've enjoyed this technique and would like to see another step by step macrame design please comment in the box below to let me know.

We've just had a great macrame workshop at the Riverside Makery, our fabulous workshop space in our Market Deeping store, where you'll find all of our super talented designers teaching a wide and varied selection of classes from felting to wire writing.
We've even got the fabulous Irene from Kelanash designs with us on Sunday 17th Sept, when she'll be showing you the very latest in woven ribbon design with two classes throughout the day. For more information, and to see all of our available workshops, just click here.

Those of you who visit the store and our websites regularly will have seen that Santa has been sneaking little sacks of sparkly goodness through the chimney for the past few weeks, but our official Christmas launch is coming up on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of September. The elves will be in full force, handing out free goody bags, giving free demonstrations, plus there will be loads of free 'make and takes' and some special festive themed workshops! Ho, ho, wholly Christmas bat-Beaders!

Speaking of bats we haven't had a competition on here for a while, and I did promise you some blog-only offers, so be sure to tune in to the next blog (in two weeks time) when we'll be having a little Halloween hilarity...

...Until then, Happy Beading!


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